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Dolphin therapy for pregnant mothers

Dolphinarium 'Nemo' invites you to a course of dolphin therapy for pregnant mothers!


For the first time in Belarus it became available one of the main areas of dolphin therapy, recognized throughout the world — dolphin therapy for pregnant women.


Dolphins are very friendly. They easily come in contact with adults and children, but the special, reverent attitude these cute animals experience to pregnant women. Dolphin sonar helps to accurately recognize a woman's pregnancy, even when she is in the earliest possible time.


Due to the integrated approach of the whole team consisting of a trainer, a perinatal psychologist and dolphins, the expectant mother will be able to restore the stability of the psychoemotional state, relieve her anxiety and fear related to pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Dolphin therapy helps to establish psychological contact between mother and child, develops the creative abilities of the future baby. In addition, the ultrasound produced by dolphins stimulates the functioning of the baby’s heart and organs of hearing.


In the process of dolphin therapy, a woman will learn relaxation skills. Swimming and body contact with dolphins will give a feeling of lightness, mobility and full acceptance of their changed body.


Each class with dolphins is accompanied by an increase in the production of endorphins — the hormones of joy and happiness. After communicating with amazing creatures, the tension goes away, pain and spasms decrease, the future mother's overall well-being improves. Also, the water allows easy and free movement, the sensation of flight — it is a very beneficial effect on the future mother and her baby.


At the individual lessons with dolphins you:


  • You will get acquainted with dolphins, communicate with them, stroke and listen to the sounds that they make;
  • Dolphins will play with you, swim and even draw a picture that will remind you of this wonderful event;
  • A perinatal psychologist will accompany you throughout the session;
  • The recommended duration of pregnancy (in the absence of contraindications) is 12-36 weeks;
  • Duration of one session is 1 hour, cost is 190 BYN;
  • Single lessons and a course are available (from 5 sessions).


Telephone for entry and additional information +375 (29) 5624444



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