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Specialized Exhibition “Motherhood and Childhood”


The annual specialized exhibition “Motherhood and Childhood” was held in Minsk.










Video report for the transmission of «Otvechayka» in the Dolphinarium


A team of young reporters for the TV show «Humorynki» for the category «Otchaychayka» asked themselves questions about the life of marine mammals: dolphins, sea lions and lions.









«Challenge» in the Minsk dolphinarium «Nemo»


Participants of the Spring Challenge as journalists visited the Minsk Delphinarium «Nemo».









Dolphinarium «Nemo» accompanies the last days of summer together with the exhibition «Our Children» and «Hello, school!»


Cheerful team dolphinarium «Nemo» volunteered to support the students of our city and spend fun and not boring the last days of summer.







 NEMO hotels were presented at the tourism fair in Minsk


NEMO continues to develop its tourism potential!









 On the 1st of June an event of national scale took place in Minsk dolphinarium «Nemo»


Such a charity event has become a traditional event for Minsk dolphinarium, as this event is held annually, despite the fact that the doors of the dolphinarium are open for kids of special category all year round.







«Charity representation Minsk dolphinarium «Nemo» in conjunction with the scientific show «Professor Otkryvashkina» 


Minsk Dolphinarium «Nemo» held a charity performance for children from SOS - Children's Village Marina Gorka, as well as gifted children, winners of the subject Olympiads.

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