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«Challenge» in the Minsk dolphinarium «Nemo»

Participants of the Spring Challenge as journalists visited the Minsk Delphinarium «Nemo».

The «Challenge» project is an educational program that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of adolescents. Young journalists of the famous Petersburg project wrote an article in which they told how it was. They not only watched a grandiose show with the participation of dolphins, sea lions and seals, but also talked with professional coaches who do not like souls in their wards..


«In the last days of March, we, teenagers from St. Petersburg, managed to visit the Minsk Dolphinarium «Nemo», in which we watched the performance of some of the most intelligent and amazing animals on the planet — dolphins, sea lions and seals.



The audience was in anticipation of the performance. Everyone: from small to big wanted to see artists as soon as possible. The first to appear on stage was Nicholas, the Patagonian sea lion. Having greeted the audience with his fins, the artist began his presentation: he juggled balls, twisted hoops around his neck and even stood on two front fins. And this is not the whole list of his talents.

Then on the scene appeared Elka — a fur seal. It was noticeable that the stormy applause was charging her, and the scene for her was a great pleasure. The energetic claps of the front fins gave her even more fascination and Yolka continued to amaze, captivating everyone with her crown number: this beauty in an amazing balance stood on one flipper!


And, of course, the highlight of the program were dolphins: Vita, Hugo and Hercules. In addition to the elegant leaps from the water, they managed the most difficult and interesting tricks, such as: dancing with their coaches, carrying them on their backs and, of course, jumping under the dome. We also managed to listen to how the dolphins communicate with each other with the help of sound signals of different frequencies, which remind us of whistling or clicking. After the interview, it became obvious that the dolphins sunk into the soul of the audience the most.



We managed to get to know and communicate with the personnel of the dolphinarium. The trainer - the therapist of the Nemo Dolphinarium, told us how the therapy helps children. Non-verbal exchange of information and communication with dolphins have a positive effect on a person who can not give modern medicines. The coach works directly on the contact of the animal and the child, their interaction in and of itself brings positive emotions to both sides. We were surprised at the way she felt about love with dolphins. «Dolphins really help people to relieve tension after a hard day, they charge us with their energy.»



We also learned about the relationship of the coach and the dolphin. The coach is a very open, ready-to-communicate person. He is an optimist and very fond of his work. He told us that these wonderful creatures for them are children. Working with these animals is a pleasure. Dolphins are like people, everyone needs their own special approach. One is cheerful and cheerful, eager to show off at the audience, another shy and harmful girl. It turns out that dolphins all feel and love, when a person with him is sincere. The coach told us that the dolphins are all open and ready to communicate, they crave attention. Sometimes, they just need someone to embrace or stroke them. Surprisingly, «dolphins have wool, and when the coach interacts with the dolphin in the water: hugs him, strokes, then the dolphin, to some extent perceives it as if it is scratched,» one of the dolphinarium trainers told us.


If you want to get maximum positive emotions and recharge with incredible energy, then the Nemo Dolphinarium is the place for you!»

We thank the guys for the report and look forward to again with interesting ideas!

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