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On the 1st of June an event of national scale took place in Minsk dolphinarium “Nemo”

Such a charity event has become a traditional event for Minsk dolphinarium, as this event is held annually, despite the fact that the doors of the dolphinarium are open for kids of special category all year round.

This year, the dolphinarium was visited by kids from orphanages and boarding schools, from associations of disabled children, and children with special needs, with cancer and kids from large families from different cities of our Republic.


Representatives of Zavodskyi district administration and Belarusian pop singer and a famous show-man Georgy Koldun came to congratulate young visitors with a holiday. Gerogy Koldun was signing on the stage of dolphinarium for children.













Funny animated program was presented for children before the show: dancing 3-metre high white bear, tall puppets, real superheroes and of course sweets and gifts.












The show by itself started festive and unusual, because all artists: chairs and coaches turned into superheroes. It was very symbolic, because all these famous characters have always stood on guard of peace and order, inspired confidence to others in the fact that good always triumphs over evil.


At the beginning of the show, children were welcomed by Spider-man with his pinnipeds friend sea lion - Nicolas. Nicolas despite of his slightly clumsiness – surprised the audience with his agility, ability for excellent dancing and walking, like the hero on his back flippers.













In the continuation of this magical performance, a real session of of true magic was waiting for our little guests: performance of the magician who prepared the most interesting tricks – the sudden appearance of the rabbit out of the hat, flying table and even flying in the air assistant girl of magician.













The most major artists of the maritime theatre, amazing dolphins, began their performance as always very impressive: with jumps to the very dome of the dolphinarium, and endowing the visitors with splashes of water for happiness. Hugo, Herkules and Vita during their performance played with balls, sang songs, draw pictures, competed and even danced tango. But the most interesting surprises were waiting for visitors in the end of the show: dance with Cat-woman and Batman flying on a dolphin, which didn’t leave indifferent either kids or adults, as the audience exploded with applauses!













In general the performance lasted for about one hour, but even that was enough for children’s faces shone with happy smiles, which mean that the holiday was successful! The most important about this performance was to show how important every day and every moment to give love and joy to those who need it as air, to those who are the sense of our lives, to those who will be better than we are…


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