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Charity representation Minsk dolphinarium «Nemo» in conjunction with the scientific show «Professor Otkryvashkina»

Minsk Dolphinarium «Nemo» held a charity performance for children from SOS — Children's Village Marina Gorka, as well as gifted children, winners of the subject Olympiads.


Visitors will have a festive program with the participation of artists Dolphinarium — Patagonian sea lion Nicholas and northern fur seal Christmas trees, and of course, bottlenose June, Taco, Hercules, Hugo and Vita.

Fur seal demonstrated skill and speed in performing a variety of tricks, and to continue its program even sang a song.












Marine cub Nicholas also did not lag behind in intelligence and elegance of movements from their colleagues.

And then walked across the first row of the auditorium and amused visitors graceful gait and tongue protrusion.













June, Taco, Hugo, Hercules and Vita frolicking in the water, jumped to unimaginable heights, dancing, playing balls, spinning hoops, painted seascapes.












Also, at a charity concert demonstrated science show Otkryvashkina professor. Children were treated to "smoking" corn sticks and scientific soda ... And wildest frozen with liquid nitrogen, broken roses on her head and burned his hands. It sounds intimidating, but in fact all of the experiments are perfectly safe.


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