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There are young and talented trainers in our dolphinarium. They managed to reach a lot for a very short period of time. Their love to the sea animals inspires them to make beautiful and effective performance shows. They can train not only the most intellectual mammals in the world as dolphins, but also South American seals. They are very attentive to their Pacific Ocean friends, as animals treat their trainers in a very specific way and always try to demonstrate their abilities on the highest level.

Eugene FishchukEugene Fishchuk

«Years ago... only sailors, fisherman and only few scientist could enjoy dolphins' playfulness and their desire to follow ships. Most of the people couldn't get this amazing opportunity to communicate with sea animals. But many dolhinariums and oceanariums were opened all around the world thanks to such enthusiasts as Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Jacques Mayo. Also here and in Minsk. From now and on everyone can become a bit happier, by getting the most positive emotions from the meeting with dolphins and seals».


A biologist and artist in the soul (but also with a degree of artist - College of Arts and Culture) Eugene tries to combine business and pleasure in maritime theater "Nemo". The main thing about this difficult but exciting work with pinnipeds – is determination on the verge of fanaticism and selfless love to nature. To become a good marine animal trainer you need to have an ability to understand your friend-pest and be able to give all of yourself to this work.

We absolutely agree with Eugene’s moto: “If you want the world to become better - start with yourself”.

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